We are celebrating 10 Years of excellence in skills training

Welcome to Maruatona Skills Development and Training, below is our programme list.

Project Quality ManagementNQF Level 361203832 days
Project Document ManagementNQF Level 461203762 days
Project Monitoring and ControlNQF Level 491203734 days
Project Risk ManagementNQF Level 451203742 days
Project SchedulingNQF Level 0481203844 days
Project FundamentalsNQF Level 0451203722 days
Project AdministrationNQF Level 0451203812 days
Project Monitoring and
NQF Level 0441203872 days
Project CostingNQF Level 0461203752 days
Project SupportNQF Level 0441203822 days
Team ParticipationNQF Level 0481203794 days
Project Management Tools and TechniquesNQF Level 471203853 days
Project Team PerformanceNQF Level 451203802 days
Business EthicsNQF Level 0221139241 day
Customer ServiceNQF Level 0221149741 day
ProfessionalismNQF Level 0241149592 days
Business FinancingNQF Level 0281196663 days
EntrepreneurshipNQF Level 0271196733 days
Procurement SystemsNQF Level 0281196673 days
Business ManagementNQF Level 0281196683 days
Financial ManagementNQF Level 02101196744 days
Marketing ManagementNQF Level 0271196723 days
Market AnalysisNQF Level 0261196692 days
Business PlanningNQF Level 0281196703 days
Occupational Health and SafetyNQF Level 0299641 day
Contract managementNQF Level 03101196714 days
Human Resources ManagementNQF Level 0341197132 days
Self ManagementNQF Level 035139122 days
CommunicationNQF Level 034139342 days
Management of Information SystemsNQF Level 033139331 day
Financial Documents and BankingNQF Level 035139322 days
Customer Service for Call CentresLevel 410103135 days
Product Definition and BrandingLevel 46103242 days
Contact Centre CustomersLevel 44103262 days
Contact Centre Sales TechniquesLevel 412103235 days
Monitoring Contact Centre PerformanceLevel 412103215 days
Coaching for Contact Centre StaffLevel 410103275 days
Information Management in Contact CentresLevel 412103225 days
Contact Centre OperationsLevel 418103288 days
Business InnovationLevel 441146002 days
Costing for a New VentureLevel 462634552 days
EntrepreneurshipLevel 452633562 days
MarketingLevel 452635142 days
Leadership in BusinessLevel 461203892 days
Business FinancingLevel 451145842 days
Business Operational PlansLevel 442635342 days
Financial managementLevel 462634742 days
AdministrationLevel 441148052 days
Negotiation in BusinessLevel 45139482 days
Operations managementLevel 462634342 days
Strategic managementLevel 442634342 days
Business PlanningLevel 482634343 days
Due Diligence in BusinessLevel 481145962 days
Human Resources ManagementLevel 491163943 days
Ethics in BusinessLevel 442426552 days
Team BuildingLevel 4102428194 days
Cleaning FloorsLevel 142431992 days
Clean toilets and bathroomsLevel 162432062 days
Manage personal financesLevel 182431893 days
Practice good health and grooming habitsLevel 142431932 days
Provide good customer service(Cleaning & Environment)Level 142431952 days
Remove spots and spillages from carpets and upholsteryLevel 152431972 days
Sweep floorsLevel 142431942 days
Understand basic cleaning principlesLevel 1152432046 days
Use chemicals in the cleaning services environmentLevel 182432033 days
Vacuum dry surfacesLevel 142432012 days
Wet mop floorsLevel 142431982 days
Participate effectively in a team or groupLevel 221149362 days
Cleaning Floors Using A Disc MachineLevel 182432023 days
(COIDA)Level 42103771 days
Dispute ResolutionLevel 5101142723 days
Conduct a pre-conciliation by
telephone in terms of the
CCMA rules
Level 581142293 days
Professional Values and
Level 5486482 days
Bargaining Council RulesLevel 531142281 days
Basic Conditions of Employment Act (Act 75 of
Level 581142743 days
The CCMA and its rulesLevel 531142241 day
The Labour Relations Act (Act 66 of 1995)Level 5121142784 day
Labour Relations Act & Collective AgreementsLevel 561142732 day
Information Management and DisseminationLevel 53152261 day
Application of collective agreementsLevel 561143072 day
Conflict ManagementLevel 581142263 day
The case management processLevel 5101142303 day
Case Referrals managementLevel 561142252 day
Labour Legislation and Business OperationsLevel 48139523 day
Conduct a disciplinary hearingLevel 5152555145 day